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The K9 For Wounded Warrior Program/Rescue was developed to improve the quality of life for our wounded soldiers. Soldiers and animals are matched based on personality traits, as well as mental and physical profile. Soldiers and K9 are trained together, therefore creating an inseparable bond between the soldier and his/her "battle buddy".
K9's are trained based on the specific needs of the soldier.
The K9 For Wounded Warrior Program/Rescue not only benefits our soldiers who are returning home with debilitating injuries/issues, it also saves the lives of animals which would otherwise be destroyed.

Below is a link for a draft memo for our congressmen and women, asking for heir help in getting the Army to stop discriminating against soldiers by denying the authorization of a service dog while on duty and transitioning into civilian life and limiting access to military medical facilities based on use of service dogs.


We are a non-profit organization.

We are always looking for volunteers.
You will find that through volunteering, you will find happiness and strength.

Our doors are always open.


Call (254) 690-WOOF (9663) or (254) 554-1049 for details.










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